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Tactical guides, frameworks, and templates covering the most common research situations.
Guide 02
Conducting Stakeholder Interviews
Questions and tips to understand your stakeholders needs and expectations from research
Guide 03
The 4-Step Research Plan
A four step process for generating value from every study you run
Guide 04
Writing a Recruitment Screener
Tips on creating an effective and simple screener to study only informative participants
Guide 05
Choosing a Research Method
A decision guide for narrowing down what methods to consider when designing a study
Guide 06
Writing a Research Hypothesis
Steps on writing a testable, falsifiable, and effective research hypotheses
Guide 08
Survey Template
A downloadable Google Sheets spreadsheet to walk you through the logic and structure for better surveys
Guide 09
Cognitive Testing your Survey
A process for recognizing issues and gaps in your survey before using it
Guide 10
Using an Analysis Journal
A flexible approach for recording in-depth and reflexive notes and findings when analyzing data
Guide 11
Exploring your Quantitative Data
A multiple section guide for exploring, describing, analyzing, and understanding your quantitative data
Guide 12
Using the Chi-Squared Test
An overview and application of a powerful statistical method for analyzing categorical data
Guide 13
Member-Checking Findings
A process for refining and validating preliminary themes for more accurate findings when reporting
Guide 14
Writing Research Findings
Principles and tips for writing report findings to be easy-to-read and back by evidence
Guide 15
Adding Storytelling to a Report
Tips and strategies for transforming dry research reports into something memorable and engaging
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